Finally, I Can Eat Ice Cream… Or Can I?

I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? But seriously, I LOVE it. Triple chocolate ice cream with ooey, gooey chocolate fudge in chocolate ice cream with bits of dark chocolate. Urrrgghhh (pretend this is Homer’s drooling sound). Imagine my surprise when I got my food intolerance test results back and the food item to which I am most (and severely) intolerant is… Cow’s milk. WHAT??? Are you kidding me?

I don’t drink milk. I don’t particularly like the taste of it. Creme however, is a different story: Creme in my coffee, cream with my raspberries, cream with strawberries, cream with blueberries, and the best… iced cream. When I found out I had to cut out cow’s milk products for a minimum of three months, I had to get creative. I discovered I love coconut milk (a good quality kind from a can, not the prepared beverage). I especially like it as a replacement to cream in my mocha coffee (heat it up, mix it with cocoa and agave nectar and add coffee). Anyway, back to ice cream…

Two words: Dessert Bullet. I am a happy camper. I bought the Dessert Bullet from a store with a customer satisfaction guarantee, that way if I didn’t like it, I could return it no questions asked. The Dessert Bullet is a masterpiece that turns frozen fruit in iced creamy goodness. Literally, you put in frozen fruit pieces like banana, berries, cherries with other fun ingredients like cocoa powder, vanilla, and mint extract and out comes yummy goodness.

The Dessert Bullet comes with a booklet full of healthy recipes that I have been enjoying tremendously. When I say healthy, I mean they are based with frozen fruit so no sweeteners are required, making desserts without the sugar and calories of regular ice cream. Even my diabetic husband can have some!

The recipes vary from Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, to Orange Dreamsicle and Creamy Berry Sorbet. The last one I tried was “New-Fashioned Chocolate”, made with a frozen banana, cocoa and vanilla. It is by far the best substitute for chocolate ice cream. And it’s healthy! 🙂 I can’t wait to try the Strawberry Bon-Bon.

I give the Dessert Bullet five stars!