Nintendo Customer Service

We’ve had our Nintendo Wii for quite a few years now and had never encountered any issues with it. We were pretty pleased, until last month – when my son and hubby started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They played for a few weeks until the Wii just could not take it anymore. I guess you could compare the experience with a couch potato who starts having sex three times a day with an olympic athlete – the heart can only take it for so long, until you upgrade it.

Since our warranty expired a long time ago, we had to find a place to fix it, or get a new one. We looked around at local places who could potentially repair it, but they either charge too much (almost the same price as getting one brand spanking new) or were just plain creepy. So, my hubby turned to Nintendo directly, expecting the price to be just as high and a wait time of 6 to 8 weeks or something. The customer representative (that’s at the Nintendo Canada office in Montreal) was very delightful and told my husband that it cost $95 including shipping. That’s not bad, considering they send you a new Wii if they can’t fix yours. We were also told it would be about 10 business days –  much better than the time we originally expected.

My husband packed up the heart broken Wii and sent it off on a Tuesday afternoon. The Thursday of the same week, we get a package from Nintendo! Yes! In 2 days, our Wii was shipped to Montreal, fixed and shipped back (and it was ours, not another refurbished one)!!! 2 DAYS! And it’s working like that couch potato on an overdose of Viagra.

Kudos to Nintendo (Canada) for the excellent service!

Final score: 5 out of 5


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