LG LCD TV (Model 42LK450)… and related events

We had been watching our 27″ 15 year old TV for like, well, 15 years now. It still worked perfectly fine so we never really thought of replacing it. We were on basic cable, far from fancy, but suited our needs. Last week, my in-laws surprised us with an early Christmas gift: a 42″ LG LCD TV. Whoa. Talk about big – compared to our 27″ of course. We’ve got the living room for it, so why not?!

My hubby and my father-in-law plugged it in… with our basic standard cable. Hmm. I kind of wanted my old TV back. This LG model 42LK450 is Full HD 1080p. Non-HD channels, coming in from standard cable, look horrible. I mean absolutely horrendous. I felt like crying. Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but I was disappointed. To encourage myself, I put in a DVD. That was better, much better. The image came through crystal clear, the colors were fabulous and even the sound was very nice. My in-laws mentioned I might want to get digital cable. ***SAY WHAT?*** I was already pissed at our cable company for cutting our extended cable channels telling us if we wanted them back, to get digital cable. I didn’t want to give them one more penny! I WILL NOT BE SUCKED IN TO THIS CONSUMERISM CRAP! A week later, we’re plugging in our digital cable box… (with PVR). :S Holy mother of God!!! Totally forgetting the consumerism thing, I am freaking out seeing how clear the image is on my new LG TV! Even the non-HD channels look awesome.

For the past few days now, I rejoice in the ability to record the shows I want, rewind a live show when I wasn’t sure if the New York chick said she wanted “poutine“, and seeing it all on a fabulous TV! A victim of consumerism… I enjoy digital cable.

The 42” LG LCD TV – 42LK450 has a sleek design, it was very easy to setup and use – I don’t even think my hubby looked at the instructions, and I picked up the remote and just played with it. The colors are amazing once you’ve gone through the wizard to set them up to your liking. It’s even got an energy saving feature that allows the screen to automatically adjust its intensity based on the ambiant lighting. I also enjoy the “ratio” button on the remote that allows me to quickly adjust the screen ratio for the show that is on; no need to dig through the menus. The remote control is also sleek, thin and has buttons that are just the right size with big enough characters that you don’t strain your eyes in the dark.

I suggest you get this TV only if you have or plan on having digital cable, or if you want to use it just for movies or connecting to the Web. The LG (Canada) website sells this TV for $699.99, but we got it at Costco (Canada) for $537.00, so shop around for the best price.

I’m still not sure I like seeing the actors’ HD pores on a 42″ screen, but that’s a personal thing; t’has nothing to do with the TV.

Final score: 4 out of 5


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