Ms Vicky’s Unsalted Chips

For health reasons, we’ve been gradually cutting out sugar and salt from our family’s diet. The toughest part for both my hubby and I has been chips. We already eat ealthy, so it hasn’t been a shock for us. But on occasion, we enjoy the crunchy, tasty, yummy little round potato slices as a snack. So cutting them out entirely was a little tougher.

One day, while doing the groceries, in the snacks aisle, I was grieving giving up my crunchy fav when I “stumbled” across what seemed like a beam of light coming right at me. Awe struck, I was mesmerized by Miss Vickie’s UNSALTED hand made style chips. No salt??? Really? I had seen “reduced salt” and “lighlty salted” but never unsalted. And these are kettle style chips, so they’re cooked so we can actually taste something other than salt.

I picked up a bag and we tasted them that evening. Yum-my!!! We ate the whole bag. Ok, so we actually shouldn’t be eating the whole bag – they are still starchy potatoes. But we just couldn’t resist.

These beauties are crunchy like no other chip, they taste like, well… potatoes. A lot. It’s just potatoes and vegetable oil. The oil being the only downside. I prefer sunflower oil.

The best part? 0 sodium, 0 sugar. And the fact that a lot of them are folded in half. Did you know you need to make a wish before you eat a folded chip?

They are more expensive than other brands, but they are totally worth the price.

Final score: 4 out of 5 (had to take a point for price)


4 thoughts on “Ms Vicky’s Unsalted Chips

  1. I love these too
    Try adding a lil onion or garlic powder to them and it really brings them to life. Hot chilies dont hurt either

  2. Miss Vicky’s should advertise those unsalted chips, people don’ know them so the figures won’t be as expected and they will remove them………. It is the way it works, the new fat reduiced are not as good as the unsalted but as they publish them they will replace them

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